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Body Fat, Overweight, and Obesity 

Knowing your bodyfat is essential for knowing if your body composition is healthy.  

Here are a few guidelines for body fat percentage: 


0-5% – seriously underweight 

5-12% – very lean 

12-17% – lean 

17-22% – average 

22-30% – overweight 

30%+ – obese  



0-9% – seriously underweight 

9-14% – very lean 

14-19% – lean 

19-30% – average 

30-34% – overweight 

34%+ – obese 



Potential Complications of Excess Body Fat 

While body fat percentage cannot be taken as a direct indication of overall health, it can act as a guideline to show us if we are at risk of developing certain illnesses.  

For example, if you use our body fat calculator and get a body fat percentage of 32% as a man, you may have much higher likelihood heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and much more.   

If you do get a result of overweight or even obese from our body fat calculator, you may want to talk to your GP or try to reduce your body fat on your own.  


What is a Good Body Fat Percentage? 

A good body fat percentage is 8-22% for men and 13-28% for women.  

As long as you are not seriously underweight or overweight, your body composition is not likely to cause you any problems.  


How to Estimate Body Fat? 

To estimate body fat, you can either use a body fat calculator using height and weight or try to get a general idea just by looking at your own physique.  

The less body fat and more muscle you have, the lower your body percentage will be. 

The more bodyfat and less muscle you have, the higher your body fat will be.   


Measuring Body Fat Percentage 

There are a variety of ways you can measure your body fat method, most of which are also used to measure BMI. 

Here are a few ways you can measure body fat percentage and BMI.  


BMI (Body Mass Index) Estimation Method 

Circumference Measuring Methods 

These methods use tape measures to take measurements of various body parts, such as the waist, hip, and neck, and then use mathematical formulas to estimate body fat percentage. 

U.S. Navy Method 

This method also uses circumference measurements of the neck and waist to estimate body fat percentage.  

It is commonly used by the U.S. Navy and is considered to be a quick and easy method. 

Covert Bailey Method 

This method uses a combination of circumference measurements and body weight to estimate body fat percentage. 

It is based on the principle that body fat tends to accumulate in certain areas of the body, such as the waist and hips. 

Skinfold Measurement Methods 

These methods involve using calipers to measure the thickness of skinfolds at various sites on the body, such as the biceps, triceps, and thigh.  

These measurements are then used to estimate body fat percentage using mathematical formulas. 

Jackson-Pollock 3-Site Skinfold Method 

This method uses skinfold measurements taken at three sites on the body to estimate body fat percentage.  

It is considered to be a relatively accurate method. 

Jackson-Pollock 4-Site Skinfold Method 

This method is similar to the 3-site method but uses skinfold measurements taken at four sites on the body, including the abdominal site. 

Jackson-Pollock 7-Site Skinfold Method 

This is a more comprehensive method that uses skinfold measurements taken at seven sites on the body to estimate body fat percentage.


Durnin-Womersley Skinfold Method 

This method also uses skinfold measurements taken at four sites on the body to estimate body fat percentage. 

It is considered to be one of the most accurate skinfold measurement methods. 



Body Fat Percentage Calculation Results 

The results from our body fat calculator will give you a rough estimate of what your body fat percentage is, but it’s important to remember that there are a variety of factors that could potentially make the results inaccurate. 

For example, you may get a body fat percentage result that is way higher than your real body percentage, or you could even get a body fat percentage result that is lower than the actuality.  

You should not take the results from our body fat calculator as a fact – just use them as estimations.  


Select A Body Fat Calculator 

If you want to get an accurate reading of your current body fat percentage, there are a few methods that you could try.  

From dexa scans to trusty calipers, you will get a much more accurate result by choosing a real-life method that can adjust to your individual measurements.  

Or Try Out A Few. 

Fat Caliper 

The best way to get a good idea of what your body fat is to try a few methods and find them average. 

Perhaps the easiest method there is for calculating your body fat percentage is to get a fat caliper.  

Fat calipers are widely available and easy to get a hold of, and while they might not be the most accurate method of there, they can give you a rough idea.  


Fat Caliper Help   


  1. Identify the target sites for taking skinfold measurements. Common sites include the biceps, triceps, subscapular (below the shoulder blade), and suprailiac (just above the hip bone). The specific sites may vary depending on the measurement method you are using. 


  1. Locate the target site on the body. You can use anatomical landmarks or measuring tapes to ensure accurate placement of the caliper. 

  1. Grasp the skinfold with your thumb and forefinger. The fold should be perpendicular to the underlying muscle fibers and approximately 1 cm away from the thumb and forefinger. 


  1. Place the jaws of the caliper on the fold of skin, halfway between the thumb and forefinger. 


  1. Release the trigger of the caliper to apply pressure to the skinfold. Hold the caliper in place for 2-3 seconds to allow the measurement to stabilize. 


  1. Read and record the measurement displayed on the caliper. Take at least two measurements at each site and use the average for calculations. 


  1. Repeat the process for each target site. 


  1. Use the skinfold measurements, along with other factors such as age, gender, and weight, to calculate body fat percentage using an appropriate formula or our online body fat calculator. 



Tape Measure 

If you don’t have a body fat caliper, another method you could use is the tape measure method. 


This simply revolved around measuring certain parts of your body to get an idea of how much fat you may be storing in different areas. 


This method is widely-available, but it is less accurate than other methods.  





Body Fat Calculator – FAQs 

How Much Is 20% Body Fat? 

20% body fat is roughly average for a man and quite lean for a woman.  

Being 20% is perfectly healthy. 


How Do You Calculate Body Fat Intake? 

You can use a body fat calculator caliper or the Navy body fat calculator to get an idea of your current body fat percentage.  


How Do You Look At 20% Body Fat? 

For a man, 20% body fat is roughly average, with little to no muscle definition.  

For a woman, being 20% body fat means you are a pretty good shape.  


How Much Is 40 Body Fat? 

40% body fat is very high and would fall into the obese category.  

If you think you may be over 40% body fat, you should look to lose weight in a healthy manner.  


What Is The Best Body Fat Calculator UK? 

The best body fat calculator UK is the MovingForwards body fat calculator.  

Our body fat calculator factors in various variables like height, weight, and age, and it is also available in different measurement standards.  


Is There An Asian body Fat Calculator? 

Yes, there is an Asian body fat calculator.  

There are body fat calculators that have been specifically made to tailor to and accommodate people of Asian descent.  


How To Find Out Body Fat percentage Women? 

Women can find out their body fat percentage by using an online body fat calculator or by using fat calipers or a tape measure.  

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