Meditation Music – the Best Proven Tracks for Deep Meditation

Meditation music can be a great tool that can allow us to delve deeper inside of ourselves, producing better meditations and exacerbating its benefits.  

Studies have even shown that those who listen to meditation music tend to be less fatigued, experience less anxiety, and are more grounded than those who don’t.  

Let’s get right into it and take a look at some proven tracks for meditation.  

1. Calming Music to Reduce Nerves  

First up, we have Calming Music for Nerves by Healing Soul.

This almost 4-hour long meditation track features relaxing water sounds, a trance synth, and a soft piano to make you completely relax in the moment.  

This meditation music would be great for those of you who struggle to relax when meditating, or for those who struggle with stress or anxiety. 

It would also be our top pick for the best meditation music for kids due to its relaxing nature, making it perfect for all ages.  

It’s also worth noting that this track has over 3 million reviews and thousands of reviews praising its effectiveness.  

While it might not be one of the most unique tracks out there, it is all you need to relax during meditation.  

Calming Music for Nerves by Healing Soul is undoubtedly one of the best meditation tracks out there, and if you are just looking for some simple yet effective meditation music, then this one would be a fantastic choice.  

2. Alpha Wave Trance  

Next up, we have Alpha Wave Trance by Healing Soul.

If you can’t tell by now, Healing Soul is an excellent producer that produces a wide range of meditation music for all types of people.  

Unlike Calming Music for Nerves, Alpha Wave Trance is more focused on sending you into a “deep” meditation rather than just trying to relax you. 

This is done by emitting a synth frequency of 528Hz, which some people believe is able to touch areas in our brains and send us into a deep relaxation.  

This is probably what you were thinking of when you typed in “music for meditation YouTube”.  

While research on this frequency is rather limited, many people swear by 528Hz and believe it truly does help unlock something in humans that is usually not accessible.  

Theoretically, this allows you to go into a deeper meditation than usual, making it a perfect choice for self-exploration and understanding.  

Once again, this track is tried and tested. With over 4.4 million views, Alpha Wave Track is one of the most popular and trusted meditation tracks on YouTube.  

If you are looking for something a little more than just relaxation, this is the track you will want to go with. To most, this is what meditation music is all about.  

3. Tibetan Monk Healing Sounds  

Last but not least, we have Tibetan Monk Healing Sounds by Positive Energy Meditation Music.  

Similarly to the first track, Tibetan Monk Healing Sounds focuses on making you as relaxed as possible, but it also comes with a twist.  

On top of featuring water sounds and trance-like synths, this track also features the gentle chime of a traditional bowl that is being hit by a monk.  

Monks use said bowls to aid their meditations, allowing them to relax more and go deeper inside of themselves.  

Just like the last two tracks, this meditation music is well-known and used by a wide range of people.  

Having over 2 million views and being one of the top results for “relaxing meditation music YouTube”, Tibetan Monk Healing Sounds is a fantastic track that will be sure to send you into a deep and relaxing meditation.   

How To Get the Maximum Benefit Out of Meditation Music 

Before we leave you, we thought it could be helpful to give you a few tips and tricks to get the most out of meditation music as well as meditation in general. 

First of all, you need to meditate on a consistent basis in order to get its positive effects.  

It can take a couple of weeks to even a few months to begin to notice the benefits of meditation, and even then, they come so slowly that you will probably be unable to tell the difference.  

On top of this, it’s also worth noting that the length of your meditations and how often you meditate both matter. 

While it is perfectly fine to only meditate for a few minutes every day, to get maximum benefit, you should meditate for twenty minutes twice a day. 

This frequency and length have been proven to be the most effective, and it will allow you to get the maximum benefit out of meditation.  

When it comes to the type of meditation you do, not enough research has been done for us to say which is the best. 

However, there is one form of meditation that has been heavily studied and is proven to be effective, and that is mindful meditation. 

This type of meditation revolves around focusing on just one thing and refocusing on one primary subject whenever your focus gets diverted.  

The most common form of mindfulness meditation is to focus on your breath, but focusing on meditation music can work just fine too.  

Saying this, you are free to do whatever type of meditation you like! There are many different types of meditation out there, and just because they haven’t been studied as much as mindful meditation does not mean they are any less effective.  

One final note; don’t get frustrated if you struggle to stay focused when you begin meditating.  

When you first begin, you may only be able to focus on a single subject for a few moments at a time before you get distracted, and this is completely normal. 

A common misconception about meditation is that it is supposed to be a state of thoughtlessness. While it is possible to have some brief moments of thoughtlessness, even expert practitioners have thoughts that take their attention away. 

The important part is to just gently remind yourself to refocus on your primary subject whenever you notice your attention has been taken away. 

It may be a little frustrating, but with time, it will become much easier.   

We hope the three tracks we have featured will be of use to you!  

Calm meditation music can allow us to get much more out of meditation, and that goes without mentioning the various benefits that proper meditation brings in the first place. 

On top of this, these tracks can be used by anyone. Whether you are looking for  

mindful music for children, meditation music for relaxation, or soft music for kids, the tracks we provided you with will work for everyone. 

If you would like more tips and tricks about meditation or would just like advice on how to become happier and healthier in general, feel free to check out the rest of our content on MovingForwards.  

Articles listing the best meditation music are just a fraction of what we have to offer. 

Have fun! 

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