Power Tower Exercises: 16 Effective Exercises You Can Do Right Now 

There are a ton of effective power tower exercises that you can do right now if you already happen to have a well-equipped power tower.  

With the right exercises, you can get a full-body workout that is scientifically proven to get results, and we are going to tell you about all of the exercises you need to know about to build a strong and muscular physique here in this article.  

Let’s get right into it and take a look at 16 effective power tower exercises.  

Best Power Tower & Captain’s Chair Exercises 

Quick note: Warm Up 

Before getting started, it’s a good idea to do a quick warm up routine.  

You don’t have to do anything fancy – anything that will get the blood pumping will do.  

1. Knee Raise 

This exercise involves hanging from the dip bars with your arms extended and lifting your knees towards your chest. It primarily targets the abdominal muscles, and it is one of the best power tower exercises for beginners. 

2. Weighted Knee Raise 

Similar to the knee raise, this exercise involves adding weight to the knee raise movement for increased resistance and difficulty. 

VKR Tips  

Use proper form, keep your core tight, and avoid swinging or using momentum to lift your legs. 

3. Straight Leg Raise 

This exercise is similar to the knee raise, but instead of bending your knees, you keep your legs straight and lift them towards the ceiling. This targets the lower abdominal muscles. 

4. Side Hip Raise 

This exercise involves hanging from the dip bars and lifting your legs to the side, targeting the oblique muscles. 

5. Bicycle Crunches 

This exercise involves lying on your back and bringing your opposite elbow to your opposite knee while extending the other leg out. This exercise targets the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles. 

6. Cross Scissor Kicks 

This exercise involves lying on your back and crossing your legs over each other while lifting your shoulder blades off the ground. This exercise targets the rectus abdominis. 

7. Dips 

This exercise involves using the dip bars to perform a dipping motion, targeting the triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles. 

Chest dips vs. triceps dips 

Chest dips target the chest muscles more, while triceps dips primarily target the triceps muscles. 

Band assisted dips 

This variation of dips involves using a resistance band to assist with the movement, making it easier to perform. 

Self-assisted dips 

This variation of dips involves placing your feet on the ground to assist with the movement. 

8. Chin Ups & Pull Ups 

These exercises involve hanging from the pull up bar and pulling yourself up, targeting the back, biceps, and forearms. 

Primary muscle groups worked:  

back, biceps, and forearms. 

Need a Little Help with Pull Ups?  

Use a resistance band or perform assisted pull ups until you build enough strength to perform them unassisted. 

How to Get Stronger at Pull Ups 

Practice regularly, incorporate variations like chin ups and mixed grip pull ups, and increase your grip strength. 

Enter the assisted pull up 

This variation involves using a resistance band or assistance machine to assist with the movement. 

Use only good form as you get stronger 

Proper form is essential for preventing injury and getting the most out of the exercise. 

Pull ups with a pull up assist band 

This variation involves using a resistance band to assist with the movement. 

Chin ups with an assist band 

Similar to pull ups with an assist band, this variation targets the biceps more. 

Partner-assisted pull ups 

 This variation involves having a partner hold your feet to assist with the movement. 

**Ghost In The (Pull Up) Machine 

This exercise involves using a machine that provides assistance with the pull up movement. 

9. Gironda Pull-up 

This variation involves leaning back slightly during the pull up to target the upper back muscles more. 

10. Gorilla Chinup 

This variation involves using a wide grip and curling your legs up towards your chest during the movement. 

11. Mixed Grip Chin Up 

This variation involves using a mixed grip, with one hand facing towards you and one hand facing away from you. 

12. Shrugs 

This exercise involves lifting the shoulders towards the ears, targeting the trapezius muscles. 

13. Inverted Shrug 

 This variation involves hanging upside down from the dip bars and lifting the shoulders towards the ears. 

14. Deep Push-Ups 

This variation involves placing your hands on the power tower and doing a push up with a deeper range of motion than usual. 

15. Low Incline Push Ups 

 This variation of push ups involves placing your hands on the dip bars at a lower height than your feet, creating an incline. This makes the exercise easier to perform and targets the chest muscles. 

Easy Version of the Push Up 

 This variation involves performing push ups on your knees instead of your toes, making the exercise easier to perform. 

16. Ab Crunches 

This exercise involves sitting on the dip bars with your legs extended out and lifting your knees towards your chest, targeting the abdominal muscles.

It can also be performed by hanging from the dip bars and lifting your knees towards your chest. 

What’s a Power Tower? 

A power tower is a piece of fitness equipment that features various components like a pull up bar, a dip station, cables, as well as much more. 

This makes power towers have a ton of bang for buck, as you can perform a ton of different exercises just at one station.   

What is the Power Tower Good for? 

The power tower is good for performing a wide range of exercises, such as pull-ups, dips, lat pulldowns, and more.  

Essentially, a power tower acts as an all-in-one gym, which is why they are so popular among people who have limited space but want to be able to work out at home.  

What is a Power Tower Workout? 

A power tower workout is a workout that primarily takes place on a power tower.  

The power tower is one of the few pieces of equipment that can actually allow you to get a full-body workout all from just one place.  

What’s a Captain’s Chair? 

What does the Captain’s Chair Workout? 

A captain’s chair works out abs. 

Users can perform a wide array of ab exercises on a captain’s chair – they are great at building a strong six pack.  

Power Tower vs Captain’s Chair: What’s the Difference? 

The difference between a power tower and a captain’s chair is that a captain chair is an individual piece of equipment that is used to train abs, whereas a power tower features lots of different components like a dip station, pull up bar, and cables. 

Is the Captain’s Chair good for abs? 

Yes, that captain’s chair can be great for abs. 

You can do a variety of ab exercises on the captain’s chair, meaning you can target all areas of the abs and develop a strong core.  

Benefits of Power Towers 

Compound Exercises 

One of the most noticeable benefits to power towers is that they give users a variety of opportunities to perform compound exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that use multiple muscle groups to lift a load, making them much more effective when it comes to building muscle and strength. 

Almost all of the exercises that a power tower offers are compound movements.  

This makes them great for building muscle and strength, and the fact that they offer multiple compound movements makes them much more valuable than most other pieces of equipment.  

All Bodyweight 

Something that could be a huge benefit for some people is that most power towers are all bodyweight.  

Most power towers feature calisthenic components like pull up bars and dip stations, and if you are a calisthenics athlete or just for some reason do not like the idea of using weights, then power towers present a perfect solution.  

Can Save Time 

It can feel incredibly tedious going around the whole gym to get a workout in. 

That goes without even mentioning the fact that other people could be using the machines you want, meaning you would have to wait to continue your workout. 

This is where power towers truly excel. 

Power towers have everything you need for a full-body workout, reducing workout time and also removing the possibility of someone using the equipment that you need to use.  


Another benefit of power towers is the huge amount of variety they can provide. 

Power towers offer users the ability to perform a wide range of exercises, often offering multiple options for each muscle group. 

This means that you can get huge variety with power towers, much more so than with any other piece of equipment on the face of this planet.  

Power Tower Benefits for Home Use 

Pretty Cheap 

One of the main benefits of power towers is that they are pretty cheap.  

Most power towers are relatively affordable and much cheaper than the sum of all their parts, and this makes them an incredible option for people who want to get a mini home gym without spending a small fortune.  

Most are Fairly Portable 

Another major benefit of power towers is that they are fairly portable. 

The majority of power towers can either be quickly disassembled or have a variety of features that make them easy to move. 

This means that you can easily take a power tower with you if you are staying at a friend’s or family member’s house or when moving.  

Not Too Big 

For the package that a power tower brings, you would be shocked at just how much you can cram in one piece of equipment. 

From pull up bars, dip stations, lat pulldowns, and cable machines, power towers are as close as you can get to an all-in-one home gym. 

Power Tower Exercises – FAQs 

Are Power Towers a Good Workout? 

Yes, power towers are a good workout. 

Power towers contain all the components you need to get a full body workout.  

Can You Build Muscle Using a Power Tower? 

Yes, you can build muscle using a power tower. 

Most power towers come with a wide range of components such as a pull up bar, dip station, cables and much more, all of which can be used to build muscle.  

What Is the Best Power Tower Exercise Equipment? 

The best power tower exercise equipment for most people is going to be the pull up bar or dip station. 

Both of these components work a ton of major muscle groups and are compound exercises, making them incredibly effective at building muscle and strength.  

What Muscles Do the Power Tower Work? 

Power towers can work shoulders, back, arms, chest, and legs, (providing you have a barbell).  

The muscles that a power tower will work will vary depending on the specific power tower you have as well as what exercises you do.  

Does The Power Tower Exercise Abs?  

Yes, the power tower exercises abs. 

Most power towers feature a captain’s chair, which can be used for abs.  

Are Power Towers Good for Weight Loss? 

Yes, power towers are good for weight loss.  

Power towers come with a variety of components that can allow users to perform a wide range of exercises that can aid in weight loss.  

What Are Some Pilates Tower Exercises?  

Unfortunately, there are no uniform pilates tower exercises. 

Pilates is still quite niche, so there are yet to be any universal exercises that have emerged.  

Is There a Power Tower Workout Reddit?  

No, there isn’t a power tower workout Reddit. 

However, there are posts about power towers in other sections of Reddit.  

We hope we have been able to help you in some way. 

All of the power tower exercises we have included in this article are tried and tested to build strength and muscle, and you will see proof of this yourself if you decide to include a few of them in your workout. 

If you would like more fitness advice, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of the content we have here at MovingForwards

See you in the next one.  

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