Rowing Machine Benefits: 29 Exciting Benefits You Need to Know 

There are a ton of rowing machine benefits, much more so than you would expect.  

In fact, you would be surprised at some of the more out-there benefits that rowing machines can provide. 

Let’s take a look at 29 exciting science-based rowing machine benefits.  

The Benefits of a Rowing Machine 

1. Rowing is a Total-Body Workout 

One of the main rowing machine benefits for men is that it acts as a total body workout.  

If you do not have the time to do a ton of different exercises or just want to build a bit of muscle without putting too much thought into it, rowing can help you build your entire body.  

2. It Uses All the Major Muscle Groups 

Rowing may be one of the few exercises that use all major muscle groups. Arms, back, legs – you name it, the rowing machine works it. 

You can quite literally hit everything at once.  

3. It’s Good for People of all Fitness Levels to Try 

The good thing about rowing machines is that they are completely tailorable. 

No matter what your fitness level may be, you can jump onto a treadmill and get a good workout in.  

4. It’s Low Impact 

The answer to “is rowing machine good exercise” varies drastically depending on how you use a rowing machine.  

If you want to just take it easy, rowing can be incredibly low-impact and allow you to get a good workout in without putting in too much effort. 

5. Rowing Machines Work the Large Muscles in your Lower Body 

Legs are one of the most neglected muscle groups in the world, so the fact that rowing machines target most major muscle groups in the legs makes them perfect for getting your legs in shape.  

The rowing machine benefits muscles in a variety of ways, but increasing size and strength is certainly one of the most significant benefits.

6. It Can Be Meditative 

It is not uncommon for people to find rowing to be quite meditative. 

Once you get into the flow of things and begin to listen to the gentle noise of the fan, it can be a surprisingly relaxing experience. 

7. It’s Great for Your Heart and Lungs 

Another benefit of using a rowing machine is that it is good for your heart and lungs. 

Not only does rowing build muscle, but it is also strenuous enough to work the cardiovascular system.  

8. It Builds Power and Endurance 

Rowing by nature is explosive and demanding. 

By using a rowing machine on a regular basis, you will develop explosive power and unmatched endurance.  

9. It’s Efficient 

Hitting so many muscle groups at once as well as your cardiovascular system can save you some much time. 

Instead of doing a variety of different exercises for hours on end, you can just hop on a rowing machine for thirty minutes and get the same effects.  

10. It’s a Great Alternative to the Treadmill or Elliptical 

If for some reason you have a hatred for treadmills or ellipticals, the rowing machine is a great alternative. 

Not only is it just as good at burning calories, but it can also build muscle.  

11. The Machine is Home Workout-Friendly 

Another one of the major rowing machine benefits is that the machine is pretty home-friendly.  

Rowing machines do not take up too much space and are usually foldable, making them extremely accessible to most people.  

12. It’s a Super-Adaptable Workout 

Rowing machines are incredibly adaptable.  

There are so many different settings on rowing machines, and no matter what you want to achieve, a rowing machine will accommodate you without issue.  

13. It’s a Great Calorie Burner 

Using a rowing machine is an incredible way to burn a ton of calories. 

With so many muscle groups being involved, you can expect to burn a few hundred calories in less than 30 minutes.  

14. It’s Good for Your Bone Health 

Did you know that rowing is actually good for your bone health? 

Any exercise that puts stress on muscle also promotes strong and healthy bones, and rowing machines take things up a notch because of the many muscle groups they incorporate.  

15. It Can Improve Your Grip Strength 

Another benefit of rowing machines is that they can improve your grip strength.  

After endless sessions of toiling away rowing, you best believe your grip strength will be a lot stronger than it was before.  

16. It’s Good For all Fitness Levels 

No matter what your fitness level may be, a rowing machine will help you improve your health. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who has never exercised in your entire life, you can jump on a rowing machine and start seeing benefits right away.  

17. It’s Good for Your Mental Health 

Exercise has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for mental health, and rowing machines are no exception. 

In fact, rowing machines may even excel in this area due to the fact that they incorporate so many muscle groups and are so good at improving fitness.  

18. It’s Useful Cross-Training for Other Sports 

Rowing’s explosive/endurance-building properties make it an exceptional exercise for improving at other sports. 

No matter what sport you may be into, getting into rowing machines is likely going to help you out in some way.  

19. Rowing Machine Workouts can be High Intensity Without the Impact 

Something somewhat intriguing about rowing machines is that they can be high-intensity without taking a heavy toll on you or your body. 

This makes rowing machines a perfect choice for people with poor joints or other health issues.  

20. Rowing Machines Don’t Exacerbate Sore Muscles 

Unless you push yourself particularly hard in a rowing machine session, you are not likely going to exacerbate sore muscles from other sports or training sessions.   

This is why rowing is an exceptional addition to an already well-developed fitness routine.  

21. Rowing Machine Workouts Work Your Core and Your Glutes 

Perhaps one of the best rowing machine benefits for women (as well as men) is that rowing can work your core and glutes.  

With just a few weeks or months of training, your core and glutes will improve dramatically.  

22. Rowing Machine Workouts Can Improve Your Posture 

Interestingly enough, rowing machines can improve your posture.  

The repetitive nature of keeping your back straight while under stress can translate into everyday life.  

23. You Can Make Rowing Machine Workouts Your Own 

With a rowing machine, you have free reign to do whatever you would like with your workout. 

Want to have a high-intensity 10-minute workout from hell? Go right ahead. Fancy a slow session just to burn off a few calories after dinner? The world is your oyster.  

24. You’re Able to Build New Skills 

Using a rowing machine requires discipline, mental toughness, and endurance. 

If you lack these skills, you will quickly develop them once you start to row on a regular basis.  

25. Rowing Machine Workouts Can Help You Keep Track of Improvements 

Something that rowing machines excel at is allowing you to track and measure your progress. 

Most rowing machines have several features that allow you to track your workouts, allowing you to see improvements every single session.

26. It’s Hard to Slack Off 

Because of the fact that jumping onto a rowing machine is so easy, it’s a lot easier to stick to than other exercises.  

If you struggle to stick to a routine, then getting into rowing machines might be the best bet for you.  

27. You Could See Quicker Results with Rowing Machine Workouts 

Rowing machines build muscle and burn calories at the same time, making them great for improving overall body competition. 

Moreover, because of the fact that they can burn so many calories, they may allow you to achieve your dream body much sooner.  

28. It’s a Good Counterbalance to Bodyweight Workouts 

If you are currently practising calisthenics or following a bodyweight routine, adding rowing to your schedule makes perfect sense.  

It can allow you to hit muscles more efficiently than you would be able to with bodyweight workouts whilst also allowing you to adjust your intensity depending on how hard your previous workout was.   

29. It’s Accessible for Those with Low Vision 

One of the best rowing machine benefits for seniors is that you do not have to have great vision to use a rowing machine.  

Once you are sat down, the rest is history.  

Tips on Use, Technique, and Form 

Consider This for Good Technique 

Having good form is vital if you want to use the rowing machine safely and effectively, and if you do not practise could form, you could end up injuring yourself. 

Luckily, practising good form while rowing is quite easy. 

The main thing you need to watch out for is arching your back. 

Your back should always stay reasonably straight when rowing – you should primarily be pulling/pushing with your arms and legs.  

Do not give into the temptation to pull with your back once you get tired, as this will raise the chances of you getting injured. 

It will also make the exercise less effective overall.  

On top of this, you also want to make sure that you always row in a controlled manner.  

Do not try to go too fast or let your form get too sloppy – this will only result in injury.  

Don’t Overexert Yourself When You’re First Starting Out 

Another important point is that you should try not to overexert yourself when you are first starting out. 

It can be all too easy to lean into the excitement of joining a gym or getting a rowing machine, but you will increase your chances of getting injured drastically if you push too hard. 

For your first few sessions, just get used to how the rowing machine works.  

Feel which muscles are being worked, and focus on perfecting your form. 

Once you have a bit of experience and can practice good form even when tired, you can start to push yourself beyond your limit.  

Shopping for a Rowing Machine 

Shopping for a rowing machine can be a difficult task. 

There are so many options out there now, and with every company calling their rowing machine the best, it can be hard to tell which are actually good and which aren’t worth your time. 

You can take a look at our top recommendations for the best rowing machines if you would like to cut out all the nonsense and just get straight to the top options in the industry if you would like, but feel free to go elsewhere as long as you do a ton of research for whichever rowing machine you are thinking about getting.  

How to Pick the Right Rowing Machine 

To pick the right rowing machine, you need to factor in cost, use, quality, and application. 

If you only want to use a rowing machine recreationally, then it’s probably not a good idea to spend a small fortune on getting the most expensive rowing machine out there. 

Alternatively, if you are a professional rower looking to train or want to take your fitness to the next level, then you might want to save up for something that is going to satisfy your needs. 

What is the Difference Between an Air-Magnetic Rower and a Magnetic Rower? 

An air-magnetic rower and a magnetic rower and two different types of rowing machine.  

An air magnetic rower is powered by the fan when you pull the rope, while a magnetic rower uses a magnetic brake system to create resistance.  

In general, air-magnetic rowers are better at providing a more authentic rowing experience, while magnetic rowers are known for being more customisable.  

Rowing Machine Benefits – FAQs 

Does a Rowing Machine Help Lose Belly Fat? 

Yes, a rowing machine can help you lose belly fat. 

Rowing machines target large muscles like the glutes and incorporate muscles from all around the body, translating to lots of burned calories.  

What Can a Rowing Machine Do For Your Body? 

Using a rowing machine can benefit your body in a variety of ways. 

From building muscle to improving the cardiovascular system, rowing can transform the body and how well it functions.

What Are The Benefits of Rowing Machine NHS? 

The benefits of rowing machine NHS are building muscle, improving cardio, and boosting mood.  

How Long Should I Row? 

How long you should row for is going to vary from person to person. 

You should row until the point where you are close to muscular failure for maximum benefit.  

As a general recommendation, 30 minutes can be a good goal to aim for.  

What Does 30 Minutes of Rowing Do? 

30 minutes of rowing can burn 440 calories for a 185-pound person, build muscle when done consistently, and improve cardiovascular capacity.  

What Are the Health Benefits of Rowing Machine? 

The health benefits of rowing machine are improved BMI, lower body fat percentage, higher cardiovascular capacity, and improved mood.

How Many Calories Can You Burn from Using the Rowing Machine? 

The number of calories you can burn from using a rowing machine depends on several factors, including your weight, gender, age, intensity level, and duration of exercise. 

On average, a person can burn around 400-600 calories per hour of rowing. However, this number can vary widely depending on the factors mentioned above. 

To give you some examples, 30 minutes of rowing can burn around 440 calories for a 185-pound person, while a 125-pound person can burn up to 255 calories in the same length of time.  

We hope we have been able to give you a better insight into the many incredible rowing machine benefits! 

For such a simple machine, the rowing machine can give a ton of benefits, both mental and physical. 

From building muscle to improving mood, the rowing machine is one of the best pieces of equipment you could possibly use for overall health. 

If you would like more fitness advice, feel free to check out MovingForwards for more helpful content.  

See you next time!  

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