When to Take Creatine: Optimal Timing for Muscle Growth 

Knowing when to take creatine can help you accelerate your progress in the gym and get your ideal body that tiny bit quicker. 

We now have a pretty good idea about the optimal timing for creatine thanks to a plethora of studies and scientific research, and we are going to be sharing with you all of the important information you need to know today. 

Let’s get right into it and take a look at when to take creatine.  

When Is the Best Time to Take Creatine? 

The best time to take creatine for muscle gain is right after a workout.  

Widescale studies conducted on creatine have shown that taking creatine after working out is slightly more effective than taking it before, and this means that anyone who wants to maximise the effectiveness of creatine should take it after.  

However, it is worth noting that any differences are minimal at best.  

There is no significant difference between taking creatine before or after a workout – it’s just that there seems to be a slight advantage if you take it after.  

It’s also worth noting that you need to take creatine almost every day and over a long period of time to see its effects. 

What is Creatine? 

Creatine is a supplement that is primarily taken by bodybuilders and strength athletes to increase strength and muscle gain.  

This supplement works by increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores in muscles, which allows muscles to work more effectively. 

This translates to being able to lift more weight for more reps at the gym.  

Creatine works for almost everyone.  

This is because it is almost impossible to maximise ATP stores for just diet alone, so almost everyone who tries creatine experiences an improvement in muscle size and strength.  

Another incredible thing about creatine is that it has been studied extensively in a Laboratory setting.  

Not only do we know that creatine is effective, but we also know it is completely safe to take for long periods of time.  

This means that creatine is one of the few fitness supplements that are proven to work and be safe, and this is precisely why creatine is the most popular supplement on the market.  

Why Take Creatine? 

We know what creatine is as well as the best time to take creatine, but why take creatine in the first place?  

This is a good question – there would be no point in taking creatine if there were no benefits. 

There are many benefits to taking creatine, with two of the most noticeable being increased muscle mass and strength.  

Creatine maximises ATP stores in your body which acts as a source of energy for muscles throughout rigorous workouts.  

This means that you can often lift slightly more weight or get out a few extra reps at the end of your set when supplementing with creatine.  

Of course, these effects are incredibly small – but over a long period of time they can make a substantial difference in how much progress you make.  

Creatine also comes with other health benefits such as injury prevention and fighting off certain neurological diseases, but these are not the primary reasons why most people supplement with creatine.  

Here are some of the most noticeable benefits of creatine: 

  • Increased strength 
  • Increases muscle mass  
  • Protection against injury 
  • May help with Parkinson’s disease  
  • Can lower blood sugar levels 
  • Improves brain function 
  • Fights off certain neurological diseases 

Supplementing on Days You Exercise 

Supplementing with creatine on days you exercise is vital if you want to get the most out of creatine.  

Taking it before or after (with after outperforming before) is more effective than taking it at any point in the day.  

To make things easier for yourself, pick whether you want to supplement with creatine before or after your workout and stick to it. 

This will turn taking creatine into a habit, and after a while, you will just consume it without thinking about it.  

Should You Take It After You Exercise? 

It’s Best to Supplement Shortly Before or After Exercise 

As we said before, the best time to take creatine is after a workout.  

This has been shown to give slightly better results than before in studies, and it is the way to go if you are looking to optimise.  

However, any differences are incredibly small. 

If for one reason or another you want to take creatine before your workout, then this is perfectly fine.  

As long as you take it before or after a workout, your results will be roughly the same.  

Taking Creatine Before a Workout 

Taking creatine before a workout is only slightly less ineffective than taking it after.  

If you are wondering when to take creatine and pre workout and for one reason or another you cannot take it after, then it is perfectly okay to take creatine before you work out. 

However, it is important to note that creatine is not a pre-workout.  

The effects of creatine take days and even weeks to compound – taking creatine before your workout is not going to give you an immediate boost like some people assume.  

Taking Creatine After a Workout 

In almost all situations, we would recommend that you take creatine after a workout. 

While it is only slightly more effective, it makes sense to squeeze out every little bit of optimisation that you can from taking creatine.  

Building muscle and gaining strength takes a long time – you might as well do everything you can to make it that tiny bit faster.  

Take Creatine Whenever 

Truth be told, you will most likely get all of the benefits from creatine by just taking it whenever.  

Sure, it’s going to be a tad less effective, but if it just makes sense for you to take creatine at a certain point in the day then go right ahead. 

As long as you are consistent and take creatine on an almost daily basis, you will still get the positive effects no matter when you take it.  

Supplementing on Rest Days 

Despite what you may think, supplementing on rest days is just as important as supplementing on training days. 

Your ATP stores deplete over time, and if you do not constantly keep them up, you may head into your next workout with reduced strength. 

If you were wondering when to take creatine on rest days, it doesn’t really matter. 

Just do what works best for you. 

As long as you supplement with creatine on most days (including both rest days and training days) then you should be good. 

So, just to reiterate; yes, you should supplement with creatine on rest days.  

Should You Take Anything Else with It? 

Taking extra supplements alongside creatine is completely optional. 

If you already take a bunch of supplements and are not sure if it would be okay to add creatine to the mix, then yes! This is completely fine.  

If you would like to take protein powder and are wondering when to take creatine and whey protein, then the best time would be after your workout.  

Feel free to take anything you want alongside creatine – there have been almost no negative reactions documented.  

The Best Way to Take Creatine 

Who Should Take Creatine? 

People who want to improve their performance at the gym or lose weight/gain muscle should take creatine.  

Creatine is a supplement that can boost performance by maximising ATP stores, meaning you will be able to get more out of your workouts and accelerate your progress.  

How Much Creatine Should I Take? 

As a general rule of thumb, you should consume 3-5g of creatine almost daily.  

The question of how often should you take creatine is one that is highly debated – but the general consensus is that you should aim to take it most days in order to optimise ATP stores.  

How To Take Creatine for Best Results? 

To take creatine for best results, you should mix 3-5g of creatine with water and take it after every workout.  

Taking creatine after a workout has been shown to be slightly more effective than taking it before, so if you want to optimise, taking it after would be your best bet. 

You should also take creatine almost every day to ensure that your ATP stores stay at maximum capacity.  

When to Take Creatine – FAQs 

When Should I Take Creatine for Best Results? 

For best results, you should take creatine right after your workout.  

You should also take creatine every day to keep your ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores at full capacity.  

Is Creatine Good Before Or After Workout? 

Taking creatine is good both before and after workout, but studies show it is slightly more beneficial to take creatine after working out for optimal results.  

How To Have a Creatine Before And After? 

A creatine before and after has very little to do with creatine but the exercise and diet regime supporting it.  

Creatine can help you get better results, but it is only a small piece of the puzzle.  

How To Take Creatine Correctly? 

To take creatine correctly, simply use the scoop to measure out 3-5g and then mix with water. 

For best results, take creatine after your workout and on most days of the week. 

When Should I Take Creatine?  

You should take creatine after your workout for best results.  

In addition to this, you should take creatine every day to keep your ATP stores high at all times.  

How Should I Take Creatine Pre Workout?  

To take creatine pre workout, mix 3-5g of creatine with water and drink before or after your workout.  

How Should I Take Creatine Post Workout?  

To take creatine post workout, scoop up 3-5g of creatine and mix with water.  

What Are The Benefits Of A Creatine Supplement? 

The benefits of a creatine supplement are increased muscle endurance and strength. 

Creatine might just let you squeak out an extra rep or two at the end of a set.  

What Does Creatine Do For The Body? 

Creatine maximises ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores, a form of energy that muscles pull from when under physical stress. 

By having optimal ATP stores, you will be able to lift slightly more weight or squeak out an extra few reps every workout.  

When Should I Take Creatine? 

You should take creatine after your workout for best results. 

You should also aim to take creatine every day to maximise ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores.  

Will Creatine Make Me Stronger? 

Yes, creatine will make you stronger. 

Creatine increases ATP in the body (adenosine triphosphate), a source of energy that muscles pull from when under physical stress. 

By maximising your ATP stores, you may be able to lift slightly more weight or perform an extra rep or two every rep.  

How Long Should I Take Creatine for?  

You should take creatine for as long as you want. 

There have been no studies that suggest long-term creatine consumption is in any way harmful, so you can continue to take creatine for as long as you desire.  

Is There a When to Take Creatine Reddit? 

No, there isn’t a “when to take creatine” Reddit.  

There are, however, plenty of posts surrounding this topic in other categories.  

We hope we have been of assistance.  

While knowing the perfect timing for when to take creatine will not make a huge difference in your results, it certainly can help you min-max if you want to squeeze out every little bit of muscle growth possible. 

If you would like more fitness content, feel free to check out the rest of what we have at MovingForwards.  

See you next time. 

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