World Record Squat: Who is The World Record Squat Holder?   

Holding the world record squat is the ultimate feat of raw strength, with only the most gifted and driven individuals being able to get anywhere near this honour.  

But who holds the world record squat, and how much weight was lifted? 

Let’s get right into it and take a look at who is the current world record squat holder.  

What Is The World Record For The Heaviest Squat? 

Somewhat surprisingly, the topic of what the world record squat is and who is the current holder is somewhat controversial.  

Many people claim to be the world record squat holder, and unlike most other powerlifting exercises, the squat doesn’t seem to be as well-tracked.  

However, when it comes to maximum weight ever lifted, the heaviest squat that has ever been performed and recorded is 592.3 kilogram squat.  

Who Holds The Record For The Heaviest Squat? 

Powerlifter Brian Carroll Squats All-Time World Record 592.3 Kilograms Equipped   

For equipped lifts, the Brian Carroll squat is almost legendary.  

Brian Caroll is the first person in history to ever squat over 1300 pounds officially, making him the official world record squat holder by a considerable margin.  

This is even more impressive considering the fact that he was in the –140kg weight category, meaning he was able to squat more than people much heavier than him.  

Other Noticeable Mentions 

Phillip Herndon 

When discussing world record squats, one name that cannot be overlooked is Phillip Herndon. Phillip Herndon, an incredible powerlifter, made history with his exceptional squat performance.  

On November 11, 1995, Herndon achieved a remarkable squat of 1,069 pounds (485 kg). This extraordinary feat of strength earned him the title of the world record squat holder at that time. 

Ray Orlando Williams 

Another legendary figure in the world of powerlifting is Ray Orlando Williams. Known for his remarkable strength and dedication, Williams left his mark in the record books with his outstanding squat performance.  

He shattered previous records by squatting a mind-blowing 1,080 pounds (490 kg). Williams’ exceptional achievement cemented his name as one of the world record holders in the squat.  

The Ray Williams squat will go down in history.  

Nathan Baptist 

Nathan Baptist is a powerlifting sensation who has demonstrated extraordinary strength and determination.  

Baptist pushed the boundaries of human capability by squatting an astounding 1,311 pounds (594.6 kg).  

The Nathan Baptist squat may just be the heaviest unofficial squat ever, inspiring awe and admiration within the powerlifting community. 

How Much Can The Average Man And Woman Squat? 

While the world record for the heaviest squat may seem unimaginable for most people, it’s important to remember that strength levels vary greatly among individuals. The average man and woman typically have significantly lower squat numbers compared to elite powerlifters. 

For the average untrained man, a squat of around 100-150 pounds (45-68 kg) is considered achievable. With proper training and dedication, many men can progress to squatting their body weight or even more. 

Similarly, the average untrained woman can typically squat around 50-100 pounds (23-45 kg). With consistent training, women can increase their squat strength and reach impressive numbers relative to their body weight. 

It’s important to remember that these are general estimates and individual capabilities can vary. Strength training, proper form, and gradual progression are essential for anyone looking to improve their squat performance. 

World Record Squat – FAQs 

What Is The 100kg Squat Record? 

The 100kg squat record is held by Joe Sullivan, squatting an impressive 386 kilograms. 

Can A Person Squat 1000 Pounds? 

Yes, a person can squat 1000 pounds. 

However, achieving such a feat requires incredible genetics and decades of elite training.  

Only a handful of people in the world can squat 1000 pounds or over.  

What Is The World Record Squat for A 14-year-old?  

The world record squat for a 14 year old is 135kg (21st 2lbs).  

What is The World Record Deadlift?  

The world record deadlift is held by Oleksii Novikov, lifting 537.5 kg (1,185 lb).  

What is The World Record for Squats In A Row?  

The world record for squats in a row is 5,200, set by “Vancouver Island Man” in an effort to raise funding for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

What’s The World Record Bench Press? 

The world record bench press is held by Jimmy Kolb, who lifted 612.5-Kilograms (1,350.3-Pounds). 

What is The World Record Leg Press?  

The world record leg press is held by William Cannon, lifting an unbelievable 1,120kg.   

We hope we have been able to answer any questions you may have had about the world record squat. 

Whether you were just curious or wanted to see how you stack up against the best, you now know who the current world record squat holder is and how much was lifted. 

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