Why Natural Bodybuilding is Better: The Sad Truth

The question of “why natural bodybuilding is better” is one that is highly searched at the minute, and there is a good reason why.

Steroid use is becoming increasingly common in the modern day and age, and people now more than ever are looking for any reasons why natural bodybuilding is not only viable, but just as good as the alternative.

There are a variety of reasons why natural bodybuilding is better than enhanced, and we are going to go over a few of the most notable in this article.

Here’s Why Natural Bodybuilding Is Better

Deep down, you know why natural bodybuilding is better.

It’s not even worth mentioning the various negative health effects that steroids bring, as this is something that is commonly known and well-documented.

No, what you are truly looking for is validation to know what you are doing is right. Well, we have good news for you; it is.

No matter what argument you come up with as to why being enhanced is better, there’s always a stronger counterpoint that puts natural bodybuilding on top.

Think you can never get a good physique without steroids? Think again. Do you think that you can take steroids in a safe manner without experiencing any negative health effects? Think again.

While there certainly are safer ways being enhanced, there is never going to be a fool-proof way that could make the option become viable at the expense of your health and well-being.

Whether it be losing your hair, getting acne, or experiencing life-threatening conditions like liver failure, steroids are just not worth the effort.

It’s also worth mentioning that steroids are not even as effective as you may first think. Many people who take steroids look less impressive than naturals who fully dedicate themselves to the sport.

The only reason why the majority of people you come across who have good physiques are enhanced is because their physiques stand out – no one is going to ask someone with an unimpressive physique if they are enhanced or not.

Another factor to consider is that being enhanced can drastically hinder or even stop natural testosterone production, meaning once you begin, you may never be able to come off.

All of these points put together make the prospect of becoming enhanced less and less viable, and through logical analysis and breakdown, we can almost indisputably prove that jumping on steroids is in fact not worth it no matter which angle you look at.

You’ll Never Be Satisfied

Now we know why natural bodybuilding is better than enhanced, we can take a look at the root cause behind why so many people look to steroids in the modern era of bodybuilding; body dysmorphia.

Body dysmorphia has always been around, but only recently has it begun to affect almost every member of society thanks to social media. People are now more unsatisfied with their bodies than ever.

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual lifer or someone who competes in natural bodybuilding shows and has one of the best physiques on this earth, you have likely experienced some level of dissatisfaction with how you look at some point or another.

However, one thing that most people do not understand is that being enhanced does not solve this problem. In many cases, it can actually worsen body dysmorphia.

There are thousands of enhanced people that are just as dissatisfied with their bodies as they were when they were natural, and expecting steroids to automatically fix a mental issue would be akin to expecting a new t-shirt to cure anxiety.

You just cannot fix a mental issue with a physical solution.

So, what is the solution to body dysmorphia? Is it just something that modern-day lifters and bodybuilders are cursed to suffer from forever? Well, no.

The real solution to fixing body dysmorphia is to accept yourself and celebrate any progress you make.

We do not mean this in a giving-up sense – you can still want to improve yourself while being okay with where you are at currently.

It can also be a good idea to focus on the numbers instead of your physique, as lifting more weight is a tangible way to see you are growing stronger and making progress.

Getting rid of body dysmorphia isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t going to go away overnight. However, it is possible with enough effort, and this is the real cause behind your problems.

As Dom Mazzetti says; “the day you start lifting is the day you become forever small”. For many of us, this sentiment holds more truth than we would like to admit.

You Can Still Get an Amazing Physique Through Natural Bodybuilding

Last but certainly not least, you can still get an incredible physique through natural bodybuilding.

If you take a look at a real natural bodybuilding competition (you might want to look at UK natural bodybuilding competitions to be more specific, as these competitions tend to be a little stricter than US competitions) you will quickly see what is possible with natural bodybuilding, and that’s when most competitors are actually are their worst because of months of food deprivation.

A strong and healthy natural bodybuilder who is around 15% or more can look absolutely huge, much bigger than the majority of people who are enhanced.

If you are willing to stick to a natural bodybuilding routine for 3 years plus and eat in a calorie surplus for the majority of time, you will end up with a physique that is absolutely jaw-dropping to most people.

This is even the case for those of you who are on the older side of things.

There is a good reason why there is a natural bodybuilding over 50 category – one of the main benefits of doing things naturally is the fact that you can look incredible even into your older years.

The common notion that you cannot get an impressive physique from natural bodybuilding is outright wrong.

With enough time and a good natural bodybuilding workout program, you would be surprised at how impressive you could look.

Why Natural Bodybuilding is Better – FAQs

Why Is Bodybuilding Bad?

Bodybuilding is bad because it usually involves taking harmful substances like steroids.

Natural bodybuilding, however, is completely healthy, and it has even been proven to benefit one’s health.

Is Bodybuilding Unhealthy?

Bodybuilding is unhealthy when paired with steroids.

However, when done naturally, bodybuilding actually has a variety of health benefits such has stronger bones and a reduced chance of certain medical conditions.

What Is True Natural Bodybuilding?

True natural bodybuilding is bodybuilding without any steroids or sarms.

As a natural bodybuilder, natural supplements like creatine and protein powder can be taken without revoking one’s natural status.

Is Bodybuilding Good For Health?

Bodybuilding can be good for health when done naturally and with proper knowledge.

With steroids or with improper knowledge of how to perform certain exercises, bodybuilding can present risk.

We hope our explanation of why natural bodybuilding is better will be more than satisfactory to you. Deep down, you and I know that natural bodybuilding is the best option.

While the prospect of jumping on steroids may be enticing, the downsides far outweigh the benefits. Steroids will only further your body dysmorphia and lower your quality of life, not improve it.

If you want to find out more about how to build an incredible physique naturally as well as all things natural bodybuilding, feel free to have a scan through MovingForwards to check out all of our other content.

With enough time, you can build an incredible physique without being enhanced. In all truth, you will have a better physique than 90% of enhanced athletes if you just stick to a good natural bodybuilding program and optimise your diet.

Natural bodybuilding is better.

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