NFL Combine Bench Press Drills: What You Need To Know 

The NFL Combine is a critical event where college football players showcase their skills and abilities to NFL scouts and coaches.  

One of the most highly anticipated tests is the bench press drill, which evaluates upper body strength and endurance.  

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the NFL Combine bench press drill, explore other notable combine drills, such as the 3 cone drill and the 20-yard shuttle drill, discuss the workout schedule leading up to the combine, analyze recent combine results, and provide insights into the NFL Combine 2023.  

Let’s dive in and uncover what it takes to excel in these drills! 

The NFL Combine Bench Press Drill: Testing Upper Body Strength  

The bench press drill at the NFL Combine is designed to evaluate an athlete’s upper body strength and endurance. Here are the key aspects of this drill: 

The Test: Each participant performs as many reps as possible (225 pounds for most players) while maintaining proper form. The total number of successful repetitions is recorded. 

Evaluating Strength: The bench press test measures the ability to generate force through the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It provides insight into an athlete’s upper body power and helps scouts assess their potential on-field performance. 

Other Notable NFL Combine Drills 

While the bench press drill garners significant attention, several other tests are conducted at the NFL Combine to assess overall athleticism. Here are a couple of notable drills: 

3 Cone Drill: This drill measures an athlete’s agility, change of direction, and body control. Participants sprint and weave through three cones placed in an L-shape pattern. The time taken to complete the drill is recorded, with a lower time indicating better agility. 

20-Yard Shuttle Drill: Also known as the short shuttle, this test evaluates an athlete’s lateral quickness, acceleration, and ability to change direction. Participants shuttle between two points set 5 yards apart, touching the line with one hand each time. The time taken to complete the drill is recorded. 

NFL Combine Workout Schedule: Preparing for the Big Day  

Leading up to the NFL Combine, participants undergo intense training and preparation to perform at their best. Here’s a sample workout schedule that athletes may follow: 

Strength Training: Emphasis is placed on building overall strength, particularly in the upper body, through exercises like bench press variations, dumbbell presses, and tricep work. 

Speed and Agility Training: Athletes work on their speed, agility, and explosiveness through drills such as sprints, shuttle runs, and cone drills. These exercises aim to improve performance in tests like the 3 cone drill and 20-yard shuttle. 

Analyzing Recent NFL Combine Results 

The NFL Combine is a platform for athletes to showcase their physical abilities and potentially enhance their draft stock. Here are a few noteworthy combine results from recent years: 

Bench Press Records: Offensive lineman and defensive linemen often excel in the bench press drill, demonstrating their upper body strength. The current record is held by Oregon State’s Stephen Paea, who recorded 49 reps in 2011. 

Impressive 3 Cone Drill Times: Quickness and agility are key attributes for several positions. In recent combines, players like John Ross (4.22 seconds) and Brandin Cooks (6.76 seconds) have posted impressive 3 cone drill times, showcasing their agility and change-of-direction abilities. 

Looking Ahead: NFL Combine 2023  

The NFL Combine continues to be a highly anticipated event for aspiring professional football players.  

As the 2023 combine approaches, athletes are gearing up to showcase their talents and impress scouts.  

With advancements in training techniques and increased competition, the results are expected to be closely watched by teams and fans alike. 

The NFL Combine bench press drill is just one of the many tests that college football players face as they vie for a spot in the NFL.  

Understanding the intricacies of these drills, such as the 3 cone drill and the 20-yard shuttle drill, can provide insights into an athlete’s overall athleticism.  

By following a rigorous workout schedule and drawing inspiration from past combine results, aspiring players can maximize their chances of success at the NFL Combine 2023 and potentially secure their place in professional football. 

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